UPSC CAPF Exam Pattern: Download CAPF Syllabus | Marking Scheme

UPSC CAPF Exam Pattern Download CAPF Syllabus Marking Scheme
UPSC CAPF Exam Pattern Download CAPF Syllabus Marking Scheme

Today I will give you a piece of detailed information about UPSC CAPF Exam Pattern, CAPF Exam Syllabus, CAPF Exam Marking Scheme, etc.

Which will be useful in improving your understanding of the UPSC CAPF Exam. So you are going to get the answer to all the questions coming to your mind.

I sincerely hope that you after getting the complete details of the UPSC Capf Exam Pattern.

There will be no doubt in your mind.

Note: Union Public Service Commission in its official notification on 15th April 2021 has given the date of the CAPF 2021 written exam as 8th August 2021

Let’s not delay now start our CAPF Exam Pattern Journey,


UPSC CAPF Exam Pattern:

If seen, the UPSC CAPF Exam Pattern is divided into 3 parts. Like respectively- Written Exam, Physical Exam, Medical Standard Test.

The written exam is the first stage of shortlisting candidates. The written exam will be in two parts.

  • Paper 1
  • Paper 2

After passing the written exam, the candidate will have a physical and medical standard test.

And let me tell you that all these three exam Papers of the Capf’s exam are based on the pattern of UPSC CAPF AC Exam Pattern.

Let us now understand the UPSC CAPF exam paper pattern instead of delaying.


UPSC CAPF Written Exam Pattern: 

As we have told you earlier the UPSC CAPF written exam will conduct in two papers.

  • CAPF AC paper-1 pattern written exam will be on online mode. and this exam will be based on objective-type questions.
  • CAPF AC paper-2 patterns will be based on Descriptive type questions. the questions asked in this exam will be based on General Studies Essay and Comprehensions.

You must refer to the table given below to understand the marks weight of each question and the time duration of the paper:

UPSC CAPF AC Written Exam Pattern

Name of PaperPaper MarksPaper Time-Duration
Paper-1 Subject – “General and Intelligence”2502 hours
Paper-2 Subject – “General Studies, Essay, and Comprehension  “2003 hours
Written Exam Total Marks450 Marks


Note: You can download the UPSC CAPF CUT Off List from here


UPSC CAPF Physical Exam Pattern:

The candidate who clears the written exam is called for Physical efficiency and Medical Standard Test.

In these exams, the candidate is tested on the basis of race, jump, and shot put.

Students can follow the table given below to get complete information about all the activities to be done in this exam:

UPSC CAPF AC Physical Exam Pattern

Name of EventFor MalesFor Females
? 100 Meters Running raceOnly 16 SecondsOnly 18 Seconds
? 800 Meters Running race3 minutes 45 seconds4 minutes 45 seconds
? Long Jump test (you have only 3 chances)3.5 MetersOnly 3.0 Meters
? Shot Put ( Only 7.26 Kgs)4.5 Meters


We a candidate clears this stage also he/she is called for a personal interview. the interview of each candidate is held in Delhi.

After clearing all the exam hurdles. he/she will be selected as per UPSC CAPF requirements.


UPSC CAPF Physical Standard Test Pattern:

When a student passes the written exam so that he/she gets a chance to give the Physical Efficiency Test(PET) and Medical Standard Test.

For complete details of the UPSC CAPF PST to follow the table given below here:

UPSC CAPF Physical Standard Test

Sex of CandidateRecommended HeightShould have Chest girth (Fully expanded)ExpansionRecommended Weight ?️
? Male165 cms81 cms5 cms50 kgs
? Females157 cmsIt is Not ApplicableIt is Not Applicable46 kgs


UPSC CAPF Physical Efficiency Test Pattern:

You can refer to the table given below to make your preparation for the Physical Efficiency Test (PET) even stronger.

Check Here:

UPSC CAPF Physical Efficiency Test (PET)

Event Name for Physical Efficiency TestConditions for Male CandidatesConditions for Female Candidates
? 100 Metre raceComplete in 16 SecondsOnly 18 Seconds
? 800 Metre raceComplete in 3 minutes 45 secondOnly 4 minutes 45 second
? Long JumpComplete in 3.5 Meters 3 chances)Only 3.0 Meters 3 chances)
? Shot Put (7.26 Kgs.)Complete in 4.5 Meters—-


Note: You can download the UPSC CAPF Admit Card 2021.

UPSC CAPF Medical Standard Test Pattern:

When a candidate preparing for the UPSC assistant commandant exam pattern clears the Physical Efficiency Test, he now faces a new challenge of the Medical Standard Test.

And you can follow the table given below to deal with this problem:

UPSC CAPF Medical Standard Test

UPSC CAPF Medical Standard ConditionsConditions for Better eye

(corrected vision)

Conditions for Worse eye

(corrected vision)

Condition for Near VisionN6 (corrected)N9 (corrected)
Conditions for Distant visionShould have-

  • 6/6


  • 6/9
Should have-

  • 6/12


  • 6/9


Note: You can Download CAPF Previous Year Paper from here.

UPSC CAPF Exam Pattern For Interview Round:

When a student clears the 1st and 2nd stage of the UPSC CAPF exam, now he/she will have the 3rd stages Personal Interview.

He/she received an invitation for an interview round for UPSC CAPF Exam.

The candidate also clear his/her interview test then he/she is requested to fill the application form to show his/her preference for BSF, CISF, CRPF, ITBP, SSB shastra also.


UPSC CAPF Exam Syllabus Pattern:

As you are well aware that we divide the UPSC CAPF Syllabus into 3 parts. so that you do not face any problem in understanding the UPSC CAPF Exam Syllabus Pattern.

These 3 parts here:

  • CAPF Written Exam Syllabus
  • CAPF Physical Efficiency Test Exam Syllabus
  • Medical Standard Test Exam Syllabus

And now to make our understanding even better, we also divide the written exam into Paper-1 and Paper-2.

In today’s time, we have to face many problems to understand the syllabus of UPSC CAPF ac. That’s why we are ready to help you to better understand your UPSC CAPF syllabus and Exam Pattern.

Let us now understand USPC CAPF Exam Syllabus Pattern step by step.


UPSC CAPF AC Paper 1 Syllabus:

The general ability and intellectual ability o the candidate is tested as per the UPSC CAPF Paper 1 Syllabus.

  • The total marks of paper 1 are 250 marks and you will be asked 125 questions in it.
  • The questions asked in CAPF Paper 1 are objective type and multiple choice.

To improve your understanding of the UPSC CAPF Paper 1 Syllabus, you must refer to the table given below:

General Ability & Intelligence Syllabus:

Some important topics related to General Ability and Intelligence are given below in the table to give you which are more likely to crack the CAPF Exam:

Important topics of General Ability & Intelligence Syllabus
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Numerical ability
  • Data Interpretation
  • This section of UPSC CAPF Paper 1 tests the candidate’s Quantitative aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Numerical Ability, and data interpretation.


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General Science Syllabus:

We have brought you a collection of some important topics to tackle in the General Science section:

Important topics of General Science Syllabus
  • General Awareness
  • Environmental Science
  • Information Technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Comprehension & Appreciation of Scientific Phenomena
  • Scientific Temper etc.


Note: Click here to get UPSC NDA and NA Exam Pattern 

Current Events Syllabus:

Most of the Questions in current events come from these important topics of the International and National levels.

You can know about them from the table given below here:

Important topics of Current Events Syllabus
  • Business
  • Industry
  • Societal and Developmental Issues
  • Governance
  • Sports
  • Literature
  • Arts
  • Music
  • Culture
  • Globalization etc.


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Indian Polity and Economy Syllabus:

Many questions are asked in UPSC CAPF Paper 1 from Indian Polity and Economy sections. So some important topics are given below in the table:

Important topics of Indian Polity and Economy Syllabus
  • Regional and international security issues
  • Economic development in India
  • Social systems and public administration
  • Constitution of India
  • Indian political system
  • Human rights & its indicators etc.


Note: Click here to get detailed information about KVPY Exam Pattern.

Indian History Syllabus:

This happens to be the game-changing section of paper 1 because it was tough for everyone and for that we are providing an important topics list here:

Important topics of the Indian History Syllabus
  • Exploration and Discovery
  • Renaissance
  • Forces shaping Modern India
  • Co-operatives and Community Development
  • Panchayati Raj
  • Elementary knowledge of Five Year Plans of India
  • Indian Constitution and Administration
  • Freedom Movement in India
  • Indian History, Culture, and Civilisation etc.


Note: Click Here to get UPSC Lecturer Syllabus.

Indian and World Geography Syllabus:

We have shared the important topics of Indian and world geography in the table below:

Important topics of the Indian and World Geography Syllabus
  • World Geography
  • Imports and Exports of India
  • Mineral and Power resources
  • Regional Geography of India
  • Major Natural Regions of the World
  • Types of Climate
  • Condensation and Precipitation
  • Humidity
  • Cyclones and Anti-cyclones
  • Planetary Winds
  • Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure
  • The atmosphere and its composition
  • Ocean Currents and Tides
  • Earthquakes and Volcanoes
  • Weathering
  • Rocks and their classification
  • Origin of Earth
  • Movements of Earth and their effects
  • International Date Line
  • Concept of time
  • Latitudes and Longitudes
  • Earth etc.


UPSC CAPF AC Paper 2 Syllabus:

The General Studies and Essay Knowledge of the candidates is taken under the CAPF Paper 2 Syllabus.

  • The total aggregate marks of the UPSC CAPF paper have been fixed at 200 marks.
  • The most important part of the CAPF Paper 2 syllabus is the General Studies.

UPSC CAPF Paper 2 Exam Syllabus is also divided into 2 parts which are respectively-

  1. Part A
  2. Part B

Now let us discuss both Part A and Part B on the syllabus:

CAPF AC Paper 2 Syllabus (Part A):

As we have already told you that this CAPF Exam Paper 2(Part A) is of descriptive type.

  • Part A paper will be of a total of 80 marks which will consist of essay questions.

Questions related to many important topics are asked in UPSC CAPF Assistant commandant exam paper 2.

For the CAPF AC Paper 2 Syllabus (Part A), you must follow the table given below here:

CAPF CAPF AC Paper 2 Syllabus (Part A)
  • Essay questions
  • Analytical Ability
  • Human Rights
  • Security
  • Economy
  • Polity
  • Geography
  • Freedom Struggle
  • Modern Indian History etc.


CAPF AC Paper 2 Syllabus (Part B):

The knowledge of communication and language skills of the candidate is tested under the CAPF Paper 2 Syllabus(Part B).

  • The total marks of CAPF Paper 2 Syllabus(Part B) are 120 Marks.

For more details about CAPF Paper 2 Syllabus(Part B), must refer to the table given below here:

CAPF CAPF AC Paper 2 Syllabus (Part B)
  • Comprehensions
  • Simple grammar
  • Developing counter arguments
  • Communications/language skills
  • Précis writing
  • Other aspects etc.


UPSC CAPF Exam Marking Scheme Pattern:

After knowing the UPSC CAPF Exam Pattern and UPSC CAPF Syllabus Pattern, it is time now for the UPSC CAPF Assistant commandant marking scheme pattern.

Along with this, it is very important for us to have a good knowledge of the UPSC CAPF Marking Scheme Pattern.

If seen, CAPF Marking Scheme has an indirect effect on our preparation.

We have talked about UPSC CAPF Marking Scheme Pattern in very detail below:

  • The rule of negative marking is applicable only within paper 1.
  • If you answer any question wrong then 1/3 or 0.33 of your marks will be ❌ deducted.
  • If you or any candidate gives more than one answer to the same question then it will be considered as the wrong answer.
  • You did not attend any question i.e. in other words, if you did not answer this question then there will be no ⚔️ deduction of your marks.
  • The Negative marking rule is not ❌ applicable for CAPF Paper 2.
  • And the third round is the ✔️ interview, whose total marks are 150 marks.

Note: Get more info about CAPF Marking Scheme.


Best UPSC CAPF Preparation Books :

If seen, every candidate preparing for UPSC CAPF Exams has a different booklist. this is a common thing.

Because any student can have different criteria to choose his books.

As you already know that UPSC CAPF Exam is conducted in 3 phases. and we have to face many different problems inside them.

And let me tell you that the solution to all these upcoming problems can be found in the list of best books for UPSC CAPF Exam.

I even that whenever you are making a list of UPSC XAPF Exam ac books, then you must think that can these CAPF AC Books make me successful?

UPSC CAPF Books list is given below:

Best Book For CAPF AC Paper 1: 

For the best preparation of UPSC CAPF Paper 1, you must choose some important books.

Perhaps UPSC CAPF Paper 1 booklist helpful in helping you crack the exam in the best possible way.

For more information about UPSC CAPF Paper 1 booklist, you must refer to the table given below here:

UPSC CAPF Paper 1 Preparation Books

  • Jain & Ohri? By – Economic Development & Policies in India

Buy ?

  • ?Ramesh Singh By  – Indian Economy

Buy ?

  • 11th NCERT

Buy ?

Indian Polity
  • M Laxmikanth By – Indian Polity

Buy ?

  • 11th & 12th NCERT

Buy ?

  • ?Spectrum By – Facets of Indian Culture

Buy ?

  • Ancient & Medieval History 9th  NCERT

Buy ?

  • Modern Indian History of 12th  NCERT

Buy ?

  • By – Bipan Chandra? – India’s Struggle for Independence

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  • Book – World Atlas

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  • Old Syllabus 6th to 10th NCERT Books

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  • New Syllabus 11th and 12th NCERT Books

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  • By – G C Leong? –  Certificate Physical Geography

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International Relations
  • Contemporary World Politics of 12th NCERT Book

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  • Daily Current Affairs

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Best Book For CAPF AC Paper 2: 

The CAPF Paper is a descriptive type, So it is difficult to choose the best books for CAPF Paper 2.

Only after choosing good books for CAPF Paper 2 can you think about cracking this exam.

You can also reach new heights of success in this exam by reading the important books suggested by us.

So you must go through the table given below for the best books for UPSC CAPF AC Paper 2.

UPSC CAPF Paper 2 Preparation Books

Books for General Studies Paper 2  
“Indian Heritage & Culture ?️, History”
  • ?11th Class NCERT Text Book

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  • Bipan Chandra? By- India’s Struggle for Independence

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  • Bipan? Chandra By- India after Independence (Gandhi)

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  • R.S Sharma? By- Ancient India book

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  • ?Satish Chandra By: History of Medieval India

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? Geography”
  • ?Majid Husain’s book –  Geography of India
Buy ?
  • Majid Husain’s?book – World Geography
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  • Our World? Atlas Book
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  • G C Leong’s Book? – Certificate Physical and Human Geography
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  • To clear Geography fundamentals get 11th class NCERT ?Textbook
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  • ?Geography book?
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“?? Indian Polity & International Relations”
  • Rajiv Sikri’s? Book – India’s Foreign Policy

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  • DD Basu’s ?Book – Introduction to the Constitution of India

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  • M. Laxmikanth’s ?Book – Indian Polity

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Books for Comprehension and Essay Paper 2
?English LanguageAuthor R. S. Agarwal’s book

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Author “Wren and Martin”  Books

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You can go through the books suggested by us to complete the static portion of the syllabus of UPSC CAPF.

But you should also be aware of the day-to-day events happening inside the country and abroad.

Important Source to prepare of UPSC CAPF Current Event Portion:

  • 2nd ARC Report
  • Yojana Magazine
  • Niti Aayog Action Agenda
  • Economic Survey (latest)
  • Latest Budget
  • Press Information Bureau and so more.


UPSC CAPF Previous Year Papers:

UPSC CAPF Previous year question papers are as much a role as UPSC CAPF Books to prepare for UPSC CAPF Exams.

Because if seen somewhere or the other, UPSC CAPF Previous Year Question Papers also play a big role in your success in this exam.

So according to me, you must solve UPSC CAPF Previous Year Question Papers once.

Click here to download the Previous Year Question Papers: UPSC CAPF Previous Year Papers



Today we have discussed in detail about UPSC CAPF Exam Pattern, UPSC CAPF Exam Syllabus Pattern, UPSC CAPF Exam Marking Scheme Pattern, CAPF Preparation books, CAPF Previous year papers inside this entire article.

So can you answer some of my questions in the comment box:

  • Which book did you solve first?
  • Which year’s question papers should be solved first?

You give me the answer to both these questions as soon as possible inside the comment box.

In this entire article, we discuss UPSC CAPF Exam Pattern and UPSC CAPF Exam Syllabus.



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