Top 6 Books Referred by Tina Dabi for UPSC Preparation

books referred by tina dabi

In this article, you will get a list of books referred by Tina DAbi. Firstly, We learn about the UPSC examination. The Union Public Service Commission examination is one of the toughest exams in India. This examination recruits candidates for IAS, IPS, IFS, and other civil services. Generally, this exam is held in various manners which are UPSC Prelims, UPSC Mains, Personality test, and finally Interview.

The 28 years old girl Tina Dabi cracked this examination on the first attempt. She secured the first position in the UPSC exam. Therefore, In this article, we will discuss the top 10 books referred by Tina Dabi for every UPSC aspirant. We also discuss her strategies for UPSC.

I will give you through this article Tina Dabi’s book list for UPSC prelims. Tina Dabi recommended these study materials to all who desire to crack the civil exams and serve the country. Let’s crack it!

Some Interesting Fact About Tina Dabi

During the 2015 UPSC exam, Tina Dabi, a twenty-two year old girl, had topped the most prestigious and difficult exam in India. All Indian girls who strive to clear the UPSC in their first attempt look up to her. Now have a looks at some interesting facts about Young IAS Tina Dabi:

  1. She became “Student Of The Year ” in her college time. She completed her graduation from Lady Shree Ram College in 2014. 
  2. Not only did she excel in college and UPSC, but she also topped the CBSE board exam in class 12. She was intelligent from her school time.
  3. In her free time, Tina Dabi loved to play guitar, travel, sing, and take photographs.

Recommended Tina Dabi Mains Book List for UPSC

These are some of the most recommended Tina Dabi book lists for UPSC. I personally suggest you all UPSC aspirants follow these study materials.

History of Modern Indian for UPSC is the best book to get an overview of the history of British India. It is based on nationalism and colonialism. These books are referred by Tina Dabi that help to boost your UPSC preparation. 

The Wonder that Was India for UPSC is the book in that you can learn about Indian History. This book is written by Arthur Llewellyn Basham. 

Indian Economy for UPSC is one of the most recommended books for every UPSC aspirant by Tina Dabi.  You can learn the significant concepts of the Indian economy from this book.

Science & Technology for UPSC is for those students who prepare for civil services, prelims, and Mains. Books referred by Tina Dabi are very helpful to get a higher rank in your examination.

Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth is one of the best books in the Tina Dabi booklist for UPSC. This book is very useful to meet all academic needs for every civil services aspirant. 

Analytical Reasoning in UPSC plays a very crucial role. This book helps you to think analytically and improve your interpersonal skills. That’s why this book is recommended by Tina Dabi for your prelims exam. 


Books referred by Tina Dabi for UPSC preparation play a very important role in your preparation. You must consider these books before starting your preparation. With the help of this article, you can get a list of books material that can really help in your career. Tina Dabi’s referred book makes a great impact on your preparation and helps you to get a high rank in the civil exam.

Also, you can buy these books directly from Amazon by just clicking on that link. You can get a discount when you shop from them. So boost your preparation by learning from these books.



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