Indian Forest Examination

IFS Exam 2022 Preparation: Indian Forest Service(IFS) exam is one of the most valuable, highly paid, prestige and highly competitive exams in the entire country.

The examination is headed by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Below the paragraphs, you can download UPSC IFS Exam Previous Year Question Papers.

IFS Previous year question paper

Solving of IFS previous year’s question paper help you to get an idea of exam pattern, exam weightage, and asked question type.

We are providing IFS mains exam 2020, 2019, 2018, and different year’s previous year question papers help to clear your IFS 2022 Exam.

UPSC IFS Mains 2020 Previous Paper

Download UPSC IFoS mains 2020 Previous year question paper which given below:

IFS Mains Question Paper 2020Paper 1stPaper 2nd
 IFS Agricultural Engineering Question Paper Download PDFDownload PDF
 IFS Agriculture Paper 2020Download PDFDownload PDF
 IFS Animal Hus and Veterinary Science 2020 Download PaperDownload PDF
 IFS Botany Paper Question Paper 2020Download PDFDownload PDF
 IFS Chemical Engineering Paper 2020Download PDFDownload PDF
 IFS Chemistry Question Paper Download PDFDownload PDF
 IFS Civil Engineering Paper 2020Download PDFDownload PDF
 IFS Forestry Question Paper Download PDFDownload PDF
 IFS General English Paper 2020Download PDF
 IFS General Knowledge Previous paperDownload PDFDownload PDF
 IFS Geology Previous Paper 2020Download PDFDownload PDF
 IFS  Mathematics Paper Download PDFDownload PDF
 IFS Mechanical Engineering Paper Download PDFDownload PDF
 IFS Physics Question Paper Download PDFDownload PDF
 IFS Statistics Question Paper Download PDFDownload PDF
 IFS Zoology Paper Download PDFDownload PDF


Also, Check Other UPSC exam previous year question paper topics

UPSC Literature Optional Subject Syllabus PDF Download
UPSC Optional Subject Syllabus
IFS Exam Salary, Responsibility, and Importance
IFS Exam Pattern and Eligibility


UPSC IFS Main 2019 Exam Previous year Paper→

IFoS mains 2019 exam previous year question paper for download:

IFS Mains Question Paper 2019Paper 1stPaper 2nd
IFS (Main) Animal Hus & Veterinary ScienceDownload Paper PDF
IFS (Main) Chemical Engineering PaperDownload paper PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) Chemistry Previous PaperDownload PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) Civil Engineering PaperDownload paper PDFDownload paper PDF
IFS (Main) Botany PaperDownload PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) Animal Hus & Veterinary Science PaperDownload PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) Agricultural EngineeringDownload PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) AgricultureDownload PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) General EnglishDownload PDF
IFS (Main) Mathematics PaperDownload PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) Zoology PaperDownload paper PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) General KnowledgeDownload PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) Statistics PaperDownload paper PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) Physics PaperDownload PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) Mechanical Engineering PaperDownload PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) Geology PaperDownload paper PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) Forestry PaperDownload PDFDownload PDF


IFS Mains 2018 Question Paper for Download

From the below table you can download IFoS 2018 paper pdf.

IFS Mains Question Paper 2018Paper 1stPaper 2nd
IFS (Main) Zoology paper 2018Download paper PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) Statistics paperDownload PDFDownload paper PDF
IFS (Main) General Knowledge paperDownload PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) Botany Previous paperDownload paper PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) Animal Husbandry & Veterinary ScienceDownload PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) Agriculture EngineeringDownload PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) Agriculture Previous paperDownload paper PDFDownload paper PDF


IFS Mains Question Paper 2018Paper 1stPaper 2nd
IFS (Main) 2018 General English Question PaperDownload PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) 2018 Civil EngineeringDownload PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) Forestry 2018 question paperDownload PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) Chemistry Question PaperDownload PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) Chemical Engineering Question Paper 2018Download PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) Physics Paper 2018Download PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) Mechanical Engineering 2018Download PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) Mathematics – II Question Paper 2018Download PDFDownload PDF
IFS (Main) Geology – II Question Paper 2018Download PDFDownload PDF


IFoS Different Year Question Paper

Download UPSC IFS mains different year previous question which given below:

General English Paper [IFS (Main) 2017 previous Question Paper]
IFS mains 2017 General knowledge previous Question Paper
General Knowledge Paper [IFS (Main) 2016 Question Paper]
General English Paper [IFS (Main) Examination – 2016 Question Paper]
UPSC Main IFS General Knowledge – 2014 previous paper
UPSC IFoS mains General English – 2014 previous year paper
IFS General Knowledge – 2013 question paper
UPSC Main IFS General English – 2013


Last 3 Months preparation Strategy to clear IFS 2022 Exam

Here I will discuss with you 7 step process to clear the Indian forest Exam of 2022 in less than 3 months.

So, let’s get started

Set Monthly Goals

Create a followable timetable and set monthly weekly and daily goals. Priorities your time by your strength and weakness.

Try to study 8-10 hours a day with no distraction. And split your time for all the subjects.

Analyze your mistake and progress on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Revise Your Syllabus:

If once you complete your syllabus, now it’s I right time to start revise all. If you don’t complete your syllabus, then complete your syllabus.

Create proper notes of these notes. Find important or previously asked chapters & topics to focus on these topics.

Solve IFS Previous year question & Mock Test

The previous year question paper helps you to give an idea about the types of questions asked, topic weightage and marks distribution.

If you attempt a daily mock test, this will increase your productivity and writing speed.

also, you can find your strength and weakness to work on them.



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