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write for us Guest Posting For SSC, NEET, JEE Mains and Advanced
Guest Posting write for us For SSC, NEET, JEE Mains and Advanced

SamplePaperLibarary strongly believes in sharing knowledge with its people and you can write for us.

Are you also searching for “Write For Us” and “Submit a Guest Post” website to share your skills and knowledge?

So you have reached the right 🚉 place somewhere, where you can share your knowledge with people and increase your experience by writing a blog on your 🌹 favorite topic.

You can transfer your energy to other people by writing a very beautiful block within a simple and easy to read language.

SamplePaperLibarary is one such blog learning station where many students and youth come to get information. That’s why you can publish on this station by writing very good posts about Exam Updates, Preparation Tips, Career, Course and College.

That’s why we definitely give you a chance to Write For Us your knowledge on our Platform.

You know very well that when students prepare for their exam, they have to face many problems. And we keep trying to solve their problems from time to time.

Somewhere maybe you are also looking for this. And we think that maybe you are a high quality teacher who can solve every problem of the students who come to us.

At the same time we also feel that somewhere our students will also be satisfied with the knowledge you provide.

That’s why we definitely invite you to Write For Us on our platform.

Education Guest Post Accepting Topics

  • SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, and etc.
  • KVPY
  • JEE Mains and Advanced
  • Bank Exam
  • CLAT Exam
  • Group Y Exam
  • Group X Exam
  • AFCAT Exam
  • Board Exams

and many types of categories in the world of Education.

Our Guest Posting(Write For Us) Guidelines

We have different types of students who are always ready to learn something new. May be you can serve them new learning.

You must share your favorite topic that you want to share with our students community on this Email ID (samplepaperlibrary2021@gmail.com).

Your content must pass the criteria given below by us: 

Content Length And Format : 

We accept only that article which has a complete idea inside and is clean. And the article must be at least 1000 words. The content should be in simple language and less difficult spellings should be used.

  • The readability of the content you have written should be high. As well as a step by step guide. simultaneously there should multiple sections and headings.
  • There should not be any kind of grammatical and spelling mistake in the article written by you.

No Compromise On Quality : 

As we told you earlier that we don’t any negligence with the quality.

  • We do not accept Pre Published Articles.
  • Also Plagiarised content not accepted

Eye Catching Graphics/Images : 

Along with your article, you have to share the JPG, JPEG, and PNG format images related to that article. And the size of the cover image should be at least 1200*628 pixels.

  • Image must be absolutely royalty-free and without watermark.
  • Images should be of high resolution.

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