Top Books For IAS Prelims Exam 2022 (Free Drishti Notes)

Book List IAS Prelims Exam 2022

Books are the world’s topmost powerful thing to achieve any goal or success. Also, every IAS aspirant must need these books for IAS Exam. IAS aspirants mostly spend their time reading books, solving problems, practicing, and finding answers. Lots of UPSC books recommend by every topper and teacher. 

In the market, you can see an ample range of book lists for IAS preparation. Complete an IAS exam syllabus is very difficult. You need to read lots of books to complete the IAS syllabus. Reading the right book at the right time is very important for completing your IAS syllabus on time. 

Before getting a book, you keep two basic things in mind. First, you do not need to buy all of the recommended books. Second, you should prefer handwritten study notes. In IAS study material you need books, handwritten notes, magazines, newspapers, current affairs, NCERT, mock tests, etc. 

Before starting your preparation you need to know the IAS exam pattern and sllabus.

So, read this article to know about the best comprehensive list of books for UPSC preparation. 

Importance of Reading the Right books at the Right time 

  • You must not waste your time in reading unnecessary stuff of the IAS syllabus. 
  • Reading unnecessary study material can create issues in the IAS exam. Because forgetting a thing can have very difficult for you. 
  • Must be read updated current affairs it is 100% authentic material. 

Here, I will show you every book that is beneficial for beginner or expert students. 

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NCERT Book List For IAS Prelims Exam Foundation

There are lots of books available for the IAS exam foundation. But here highly recommended books for the UPSC foundation are NCERT books. NCERT books recommend by every expert and topper. 

HistoryNCERT XI (Ancient & Medieval)
NCERT XII (Modern Indian History)
GeographyNCERT VI – X (Old Syllabus)

NCERT XI, XII (New Syllabus)

EconomicsNCERT XI
Indian PolityNCERT IX-XII
International RelationNCERT XII (Contemporary World Politic)


Best Newspaper/Magazines for IAS prelims Exam

Read all these newspapers and magazines to know about current affairs, general knowledge, and other important things. 

HistoryThe Hindu
GeographyThe Hindu, The Indian Express
EconomicsThe Frontline, Business Standard
Indian PolityThe Hindu, Yojana
International RelationsThe Hindu, Kurukshetra


⚠️Recommend Books: Also, I recommend you to read Tina Dabi Book List for a clear IAS exam.

Books For IAS Prelims Exam: Recommend By Every Topper

Also, these all books are also best for the IAS prelims exam. Here I also write some Newspapers and magazines that help to clear your IAS prelims Exam. 

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#1 Indian Polity UPSC books by M Laxmikanth

Indian polity is one of the most valuable, highly popular, and comprehensive books that is recommended by everyone. This book is the best seller and read by every IAS aspirant. You may also read this book in various competitive examinations. Get Indian Polity Book Now.

Indian Polity - For Civil Services and Other State Examinations

#2 Indian Art and Culture: Books For IAS prelims

This book covers the whole syllabus of Indian Culture and Heritage. They provide complete information o Indian art, music, architecture, and paintings with the help of different pictures and diagrams. In this book, you also get lots of questions that help to prepare for the exam. Get It This Book Now


#3 Oxford School Atlas For Geography

The Oxford school atlas is the best book for Cover IAS prelims Geography Syllabus. They include 200 clear and easy maps with 94 thematic maps of India. This book contains a detailed political and physical map of India. This book covers all the issues like natural vegetation, climate, wildlife, industry, human development, nature concert, natural hazards, demography, and minerals.


#4 Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh (Economy)

India economy book covers all the important topics of UPSC prelims and mains exam. This book is very important for researchers, civil service aspirants, academics, and want long life passion with this subject.  This is the best-selling, highly recommended, and stellar book. 


#5 Economic Survey by the Ministry of Finance (Economy)

This book gives you complete information about the Economy of India. This book covers all the economics survey revies, a summary of major development & programs, highlight, 12 months previous paper. 


#6 A Brief History of Modern India For UPSC Prelims (Modern India)

A Brief History of Modern India written by Rajiv Ahir covers all the important things and events that happened after the fall of the Mughal empire and the rise of the East India Company. The important event like India’s first war of independence. This war has been structured with a timeline that helps to understand easily. So if you want to cover all of the modern India syllabus, then this book is best for you. 


#7 General Studies Paper 2 Manual (CSAT)

McGraw-Hill Education’s General Studies for IAS prelims Paper 2nd is cover all the assigned syllabus and exam patterns. They provide all the relevant theory and practice material for serious preparation. The syllabus is divided into seven parts. And eighth part is written for practicing questions. 


#8 India Year Book (Current Affairs)

India Year Book is the best publication for current affairs about the Indian Government. This book covers all the information about the country such as any state policy, public schemes, data, dignitaries, economy,  demographics, trade, and others.  This is also the best reference source for researchers, publications, and media. 

A complete Book list for the IAS exam


With the help of this article, you can understand that a Book for civil service aspirants is very important. They just need to read the right books at the right time. Here NCERT books is very important for IAS foundation or basic. And also read other recommended books for the clear IAS prelims Exam.

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