How to Prepare for NDA Exam at Low Cost | Must do Point For Preparation

NDA Exam Preparation
NDA Exam Preparation strategy

NDA Exam Preparation Tips: For Defence interested candidates, National Defence Academy (NDA) is a good, secure, and highly payable career Option.

You can apply twice a year for this exam. You can apply and start your preparation during your 12th board Exam.

Before applying, the candidate must know about its importance.

You need proper guidance, the best study material, and a good mentor to crack the NDA exam in the first attempt.

Also, create a proper strategy to rank in the NDA exam.

Before starting my article I show you an overview of the NDA Exam.

Overview of NDA Exam

Conducted by


Exam Mode 


Exam Frequency

twice a year


National Level exam

Official Website


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In this article, I will show you the secret and preparation strategy of toppers.

why/how do toppers are crack exams easily?

Follow the Proper guidance of your mentor and focus on self-study.

Read this article to clear your NDA Exam.

1. The Syllabus & Exam Pattern: 

The NDA syllabus and exam pattern should keep in your mind.

You know, my friend do start their preparation Before knowing about the NDA exam syllabus and pattern.

They pick up any maths and English books to start their preparation. This is not the right way.

The right syllabus helps you to save your time, efforts, money and excludes useless syllabus.

The following image gives you quick information about the NDA Exam pattern.

NDA Written Exam Pattern
NDA Written Exam Pattern

Once you acquire proper knowledge about the syllabus and exam pattern.

Then, start planning your preparation strategy.

We already discussed in detail about NDA Exam pattern.


2. Make Your Base Strong

Many candidates do not have clear basic level maths, English, science and they start solving higher-level questions.

So, you analyze all NDA syllabus and make a list of your weak and highly asked topic in the exam.

Start preparing these topics from the basics. 

Learn and make a list of formulas, concepts, and theorems.

Read an English newspaper, magazine, blog daily and learn meanings to improve vocabulary and reading speed.

Solve NCERT 8th-12th books to make a strong base.


3. Create Followable Timetable 

Time management tips for NDA Exam

Timing is the most important part of our life.

“Because lost time never comes”.

Set hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly goals in the manner that you will finish the syllabus on time.

Divide your daily time based on activities like learning a new concept, solving practice questions, and revision.

Weekend Timetable for NDA

You can create an NDA timetable ⏳ like this. You may also fit other useful(like coaching time) things into it.

Morning Routine CDS timetable

  • 6:00- 7:00 AM: Wake up. ( i was going to sleep 12:00- 1:00 am every midnight)
  • Till 9:00 AM – Minimal activities (Bathing+Breakfast Or exercise or Yoga)
  • 9:00 -11:30AM -Current information time (Current affairs/ vocabulary/ newspaper)

After Morning Routine CDS timetable

  • 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM – General Knowledge time
  • 1:00 – 2:30PM – Relax time ( Sleep + launch time)
  • 2:30 – 6:00 PM– Maths time
  • 6:00 – 9:00 PM– Minimal Activities (Playing or Dinners or TV or music)
  • 9:00 – 10:00 PM- English
  • 10:00 PM- 12:00 AM– Solve Mock Test time and previous year question paper


4. Notes Making Strategy

Note Making Strategy for nda

Notes making is a powerful strategy for every exam Preparation.

Make note of important topics, highlight formulas, equations, theorems, etc.

Notes help to revise quickly every topic easily.

Make notes short, visually, and easy to read.

Make a list of all the new words and their meanings. Try using the words in the list in different sentences and scenarios.

Make notes from NDA books


5. Complete your syllabus on time


As you can see, the NDA exam syllabus is too vast.

Mathematics plays an important role to crack the NDA written exam.

Most of the questions are asked in NDA mathematics from Calculus, Differential Equations, Trigonometry, Algebra, Matrices and Determinants, Analytical Geometry, Statistics & Probability.

Follow these steps to solve all questions of mathematics

  • Basic maths(formulas, theorem, concept) should be clear for every aspirant.
  • You must solve 11th and 12th mathematics questions.
  • You should have proper knowledge about maths, important formulas, and theorems. 
  • The practice of previous every question which was asked in NDA.
  • Don’t be afraid of hard questions and keep trying to solve them.

English Subject-

Your English should be perfect.

Be aware of grammatical mistakes.

You can learn English from many of the resources like BBC, Books, youtube, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and different types of apps for improving English.

In English, follow the syllabus of English and start from the beginning- prepositions, verbs, tenses, nouns, etc

General Knowledge-

General knowledge is also an important part of your preparation.

Follow the given points to improve your general knowledge.

  • Update with daily news. Read the newspaper, watch the news.
  • Must be aware of events like sports, government-related, literature, arts, etc.
  • Also, read monthly magazines, current affairs, books, etc

General Knowledge and English are very simple subjects. You focus on improving both subjects.

Both subjects affect your ranking but don’t forget mathematics.


6. Previous Year Paper & Mock test

Revision helps to memories every concept for a long-time.

You learn something new after every revision.

The Best way to revise your syllabus attempt NDA mock tests and solve the NDA previous year’s question paper.

Go through your notes and read formulas, practice more questions.

Previous year question paper and attempting mock test is the most important part of every Exam.

Benefits of solving question paper:

  • Help to Get an idea of the exam pattern and types of questions asked.
  • Know about your weaknesses and strength.
  • Help to revise all syllabus in less time.
  • Improve your question reading and solving speed.
  • Easily understand “how much time you spend on each question”.


7. Everyday Habits

Daily habits for NDA

Your mental health, as well as physical health, plays an important role in boosting/improving your preparation.

This is important that you work on your health to clear “Physical Exam”.

Physical health also affects your mental health.

So, you take vitamins, protein, and natural food on daily basis.

Take milk, oats, almonds, fruits, and vegetables into your daily diet. Daily 2-hour exercise.

Read more information about mental health.

In the morning, you must do regular exercise and yoga with proper dedication.

“Tell me in the comments” what points you follow to boost your preparation.

8. Work on Your Communication Skills:

SSB interview preparation tips

Communication helps you to improve confidence, frequency of the voice, and easily communicate/impress the examiner.

The motive of the NDA interview is to check your self-confidence, decision-making ability, and spot your thinking level.

Follow is steps to improving your communication skills→

  1. You work on your English. Read daily English newspapers, read books, and youtube is the best way to improve English.
  2. Work on your body language because body language 70% matter in your interview.
  3. You work on your Speed and tone of voice. 
  4. Make eye contact and work on your smile.
  5. Improve your decision-making ability.
  6. Maintain proper diet and exercise on regular basis.
  7. Give every question’s answer with confidence.
  8. Think Positive and stay confident.

They will try to position you about anything and you have to think about it. which is helpful to check your thinking level.


Bonus: Books For clear NDA Interview

Various books are available in the market but “what books you choose” it’s the big question.

Because books play a vital role in your preparation. “Right books give you the right direction”.

So, you can choose books recommended by your mentor and previous toppers.

Some recommended books by us-

  1. SSB Interview-The Complete Guide by Dr (CDR) N.K Natrajan
  2. Let’s Crack SSB Interview
  3. Get Success in SSB Interviews by Arihant
  4. Breaking the Code of SSB Psychological Tests

Comment below- what books you read for your preparation.


Frequently Asked Question 

Question: Is NDA is tough to Clear?

Answer:  No, Some students say that NDA is difficult, but it is very easy-to-use, highly secure, and high-paying job. NDA Exam is very easy if you prepare for this job in a proper way and strategy.

Question: Is NCERT is enough for NDA?

Answer: NCERT is important for maths. To create a solid base of maths, you should have knowledge about 10th, 11th & 12th NCERT books. Mostly focus on trigonometry in maths.

Final Thought:

Most of the advice above is based on topper experience and mentors suggested. There are many ways to clear NDA Exam.

It depends on you and your thought, which mentor and topper you follow for your preparation.




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