Best books for NDA Exam Preparation (For Written & SSB Interview)

best books for NDA exam preparation

You know many books are available in the market. But I show you the best books for NDA exam preparation.

With the help of market research, mentor’s and topper’s recommendations.

To take your preparation to the next level, you must read a good book. Because “A Good Book Take You a Good Level”.

So, Go ahead and look

A quick overview of the NDA Exam

National Defence Academy(NDA) exam is conducted for admission/pre-commission training into the 3 wings of defense, i.e Army, the Navy as well as the Air Force.

NDA Exam is led by the Union Public commission service(UPSC) twice a year.

Approx, 4 lacs candidates apply every year of which 6,000 are called for SSB interviews.

There are 3 subjects in the NDA syllabus and focus on the related topics for better preparation.

NDA Exam syllabus

Also, you need to Go through the NDA Exam pattern and NDA Eligibility.

NCERT Books For NDA 

One of the most powerful books that are clear your basics of all mathematics,  and General Science.

Read 8 to 12 classes of NCERT books to clear your basic NDA preparation.

Also, Solve NDA Exam previous year question paper.

Note: Don’t rely on NCERT books.

Arihant Pathfinder Book for NDA 

For getting complete knowledge with one book, You can buy pathfinder.

This book covers the complete syllabus of the NDA entrance exam as prescribed by UPSC.

More than 8000 MCQs from the book allow complete coverage of syllabus and Chapterwise division of subject matter according to the topical distribution of marks from recent years.

Also, solve NDA previous year question papers.

Note: All the subjects are cover in this book. But don’t rely on one book.


Best Books for NDA Mathematics

In maths, fundamentals of maths and practice are very important to clear any exam.

    • NCERT Books: To clear Basics of NDA mathematics.
    • Arihant Pathfinder: To get an idea about the nature of NDA questions. Because It includes more than 8000 MCQ questions.
    • Mathematics for NDA/NA by R.S.Aggrawal- Also this is a good guide to go into detail. This book helps to improve your speed and accuracy.

Click to check these Reviews Here.

#Tip 1- Write formulas, tricks for calculation, and handmade notes.

#Tip 2– Practice maths question daily, it helps to improve your confidence.

Best Books for NDA English

For clearing English, you must have a clear knowledge/understanding of vocabulary, reading, and grammar.

Many books are designed to help to improve your English language. Also English help you to crack SSB Interview.

So, these books help you to

  • Read Daily English newspaper, magazine to improve your reading speed.
  • Arihant Pathfinder: It also helps to improve your vocabulary, grammar with questions.
  • NCERT Books: This helps to improve your basic knowledge.
  • Wren and Martin English Grammar and Composition: It not only helps the students to use the language but also gives detailed information about the language.
  • Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis: Help to correct your vocabulary.
  • Objective General English by R.S.Aggrawal: For help to improve Vocabulary, Comprehension Ability, Selecting Words/Phrases, General Usage, questions bank, etc.



Best Books for NDA General Knowledge(GK)

  • NCERT books(9th-12th)– NCERT books are the most reliable books when it comes to government sector exams, especially when it comes to public services and defense exams. Read them thoroughly as they cover the entire NDA syllabus.
  • Manorama Year Book– This book contains questions on current affairs, G.K., Science, History, Geography, Sports, Polity, Economy, IT, etc., and is, therefore, a complete handbook for all your GK questions.
  • Current Affairs: Read a daily newspaper(The Hindu, The Indian Express, and The Telegraph), a monthly magazine, lucent book, and learn with your mentors.
  • DR Khullar Book for Geography- To understand the concepts, maps, and fact-based questions
  • General Awareness by Manohar Panday (Arihant) – This book covers both Static GK and Dynamic GK i.e. Current Affairs with simple language.



Best Books for SSB Interview:

To clear NDA/SSB interview, you can read these books for better preparation. Also, improve your communication skills.

Get Success in SSB Interviews(Arihant publication):– It provides information through content, diagrams, and Illustrations for the preparation

SSB Interview: The Complete Guide(SSBcrack):- Simplified and user-friendly book to prepare for tests like- Screening Tests, Psychological tests, Group Testing, interviews, Conference Procedures.

Let’s Crack SSB Interview(SSBcrack):-Also, this book covers all the important topics to crack SSB interviews.

#Tip 1– Discuss with your friends, mentor, and guest to improve your communication skills.

#Tip 2- Enhance your thinking by being more realistic and read daily newspapers.


Best Books for NDA General Science:

  • NCERT Books: Help to provide basic knowledge about Science.
  • Arihant Pathfinder: This book provides a question bank of General Science subjects.
  • General Science Guide for Competitive Exam: To go into more detail, you can Buy this book.

Note: Here, NCERT, NDA pathfinder, and NDA previous year question paper are enough for clear NDA General Science.


Is Arihant Pathfinder enough to Clear NDA Exam?

No, you can’t totally depend on one book. Because the competition is very high. And Pathfinder does not cover all topics in detail.

Arihant is one of the most common books that is being purchased year after year by NDA aspirants.

Pathfinder covers a short overview of these subjects like-  polity, economy, geography, history, physics, chemistry, and bio.

To know about in detail about these topics you need to purchase different books, the newspaper which mentioned above question and practice previous year question papers.

Pathfinder may be good for maths and English subjects. Pick different materials for different topics.

Last 3 months preparation Strategy to clear NDA exam

Avoid Fear: Their fear overshadows their attention and makes decisions making mistakes. People are afraid to face the SSB interview even after passing the written exam.

Create proper timetable, strategy, and buy good books with the help of good mentor: Some candidate does not follow their timetable. This helps you to achieve your goals.

Revise your whole syllabus: It is impossible to remember everything if you don’t revise periodically.  You can also revise with your handwritten notes.

Attempt Mock Test: Attempt two mock tests in a week. This helps to improve your speed and accuracy.

Previous year Paper: To get an idea about the types of questions asked, topic weightage, and exam pattern of the NDA exam.


Frequently Asked Question

Q. Is Lucent’s book is enough for NDA GK?

Ans. No, you also read newspapers, Monthly magazines, watch the news, and solve previous year papers with the lucent book.

Q. What is Salary in NDA?

Ans: At starting Rs. 56,000/per month and it pays 10 levels. The pay of NDA candidates will be fixed in the first cell of Level 10 in the Pay Matrix of an officer of the Commission.

Q. Is NDA a good career?

Ans: Yes, Nda is the best career option. NDA is a joint training service academy of the Armed Forces of India where all the three forces of Army, Navy, and Air Force get their candidates, who then join their fields as a high-rank officers.


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