CDS Exam Preparation Tips and Proven Strategy For English, Math’s, GK

CDS Exam preparation strategy
CDS Exam preparation strategy

In this article, I will share with you my friend’s  CDS Exam preparation strategy at a low cost.

If you have enough money also you should read it. This article helps you to boost your speed by 70x⚡.

Read this article to clear your issue like:-

  • Money wastage
  • Time management
  • Books
  • Previous papers
  • Interview

You know, lots of candidates will appear for the CDS exam every year. So, competition is very high to clear the CDS exam without any CDS preparation strategy.

Also, the paper is very tough to clear. Cut off is very high. Don’t take it negatively, I show you reality. So, you give full energy ? to clear the CDS exam.

CDS Exam Preparation : Basic Tips and Tricks

What you need to keep in mind t clear the CDS exam with a good rank are given below.

CDS Exam 2021 Highlights

CDS exam conducted by UPSC twice a year for admission to the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Indian Naval Academy (INA), Air Force Academy (AFA), and Officers’ Training Academy (OTA).

CDS Exam pattern and syllabus is played a very important role in the Preparation of the CDS exam 2021.

The online application form for CDS (II) 2021 would be released on 4th August.

CDS Exam
Conducted ByUPSC
Number of sections
  • IMA, INA, and AFA – Three
  • Officers’ Training Academy (OTA) – Two
Number in exam
  • IMA, INA, and AFA – 300
  • OTA – 200
Type of questionObjective type(MCQ)
LanguagesHindi and English
Time limit2 hours for each section
Negative Marking0.33 Marks deducted
Exam ModeOffline


Let’s get started,


CDS Exam Pattern & Syllabus :

The first important thing to start your CDS preparation online, you have proper knowledge about CDS Exam Pattern & Syllabus.

Because it helps you create a 20x⚡ better preparation strategy to clear the CDS exam on the first attempt.

You can easily find what are your stronger and weaker areas in the CDS exam syllabus?.

And what is important in a particular book.

So, you can save your time, save money, exclude useless syllabus, and only focus on the important syllabus.

“Don’t waste your money to buy useless books”.

So, you check a list of the important and best seller books to prepare for CDS Exam.

Make Your Base Strong : 

After getting proper knowledge about the CDS exam patterns and Syllabus.

Here, we discuss “How you can make your base strong ??”.

Second, the most important thing is to clear your fundamentals/basics of the CDS Exam.

Read 8th-12th class NCERT/state board(But syllabus matches with NCERT) to make your Base strong.

NCERT books help you solve your calculation 80X⚡ fast in math’s, reasoning, English vocabulary, and General knowledge about Science.

Read Daily newspaper, paragraphs, talk with friends to boost your reading speed in the English language.

Improve your vocabulary, synonyms, and antonyms to make your English base strong to clear CDS Exam.

Read Daily current affairs books, newspapers, magazines to make a strong base of GK to clear the CDS Exam.

After study/coaching classes, you should talk with friends, mentors, and neighbor to improve your communication skills for the SSB interview Preparation.

Check Here CDS Exam preparation Books which followed by mentors and toppers.


CDS Exam Preparation : Study Planning

To make a strong preparation strategy and make a strong base in the CDS exam, you need to make a timetable ⏳ that you can follow.

A bad timetable is equal to a bad result.

So, You need a proper strategy divided into months, weeks, and days.

Every day when you wake up you should know what you have to cover that day and plan your schedule accordingly.

Cover Mock tests, coaching time, rest time, all useful subjects, practice, and interview practice in your CDS exam timetable.


Weekend Timetable for CDS

You can create a CDS timetable ⏳ like this. You may also fit other useful(like coaching time) things into it.

Morning Routine CDS timetable

  • 6:00- 7:00 AM: Wake up. ( i was going to sleep 12:00- 1:00 am every midnight)
  • Till 9:00 AM – Minimal activities (Bathing + Breakfast Or exercise or Yoga)
  • 9:00 -11:30AM -Current information time (Current affairs/ vocabulary/ newspaper)

After Morning Routine CDS timetable

  • 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM – General Knowledge time
  • 1:00 – 2:30PM – Relax time ( Sleep + launch time)
  • 2:30 – 6:00 PM– Math’s time
  • 6:00 – 9:00 PM– Minimal Activities (Playing or Dinners or TV or music)
  • 9:00 – 10:00 PM- English
  • 10:00 PM- 12:00 AM– Solve Mock Test time and previous year question paper

I think this is a good timetable, Which you should follow.

🙂 are you like this timetable? comment below.

CDS Exam Preparation : Subject-wise

Many students have to face many problems while preparing for CDS exams. They always have this question that how to do CDS Subject-wise preparation?

So today we are going to tell you how you can do CDS subject-wise preparation.

CDS English Preparation : 

English preparation for CDS, you can keep the following things in mind.

  • Understand the rules of grammar well and must practice well.
  • Be sure to take a look at idioms and phrases.

CDS Math’s Preparation : 

  • For CDS math’s preparation, you have to understand and practice the important formulas and method of applications of each chapter.

CDS GK Preparation : 

  • Follow the CDS exam syllabus for CDS GK Preparation.
  • Analyze the current affairs of the last seven month’s.


CDS Exam Preparation : Notes Making Tips

It’s an important strategy to keep things in your mind for the long term, and for quick revision at last time.

You need to write daily notes, “which you are studying today“.

Write all important formulas, theorems of mathematics, and tricks to solve reasoning questions fast.

Make a list of all the new words and their meanings. Try using the words in the list in different sentences and scenarios.

I think you follow this.

CDS Exam Preparation : Solving Previous Question Paper & Mock Test

CDS Mock test and Paper for CDS preparation

After complete your whole syllabus and any particular subject which is completed(like GK, English, Math’s, etc.) attempt the mock test.

And solve CDS previous year paper after completing the whole syllabus.

Because they help in many things like:-

    • Quick revision of your CDS whole syllabus.
    • Help to get an idea about CDS exam patterns and types of questions.
    • Topic weightage: Find how much time you spent on a particular question.
    • Help to boost your question-solving speed.
    • Help to find your strength and weakness.
    • Improve your confidence, etc.

Click Here to Download the CDS previous year’s question paper.


CDS SSB Interview Preparation : 

CDS Exam interview preparation

You know, SSB take the test of both mental and physical test. And CDS Exam interview preparation is very hard.

They check your teamwork, leadership qualities, and potential to become a CDS officer ?.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Talk with a person who recently faced an SSB interview. He guides you and helps you to boost your confidence.
  • Read some books to get a feel of it. Read the question and give your answer and match it with the book’s answer.
  • Keep update yourself with current affairs, general knowledge and general awareness of happening in all our the nation and world.
  • Build up your stamina by regular running, stretching, yoga, and other activities.
  • Your outlook should have good and remember all group tasks are to see team spirit, communication skills, leadership skills, and decision making.

Note:– Be truthful in the SSB interview. Don’t lie, don’t pretend, and think before you speak. How much you speak is not what you speak

CDS Exam Preparation : Final Revision

Anybody can’t read one thing for a long time.

But you can’t revise your whole syllabus in small time. What do you do for revision??

Follow these simple steps to quick revision and not cover the whole syllabus.

Attempt daily mock tests and solve CDS exam previous year question paper is help to revise your whole syllabus in minimum time.

Revise from your syllabus, learn formulas from Hand made notes.


Summary of CDS Exam Preparation

  1. CDS Exam Pattern and syllabus to prepare a proper strategy to clear the CDS exam in the first attempt.
  2. Your base must be strong ? to make calculations fast and better understanding of all topics for a clear CDS Exam.
  3. Daily or monthly timetable ⏳ to prepare a strong strategy for clear CDS exam in the first attempt.
  4. Prepare hand daily notes, write formulas and theorem to revise your whole CDS syllabus fast.
  5. Revise your syllabus fast to learn a long time.
  6. Mock test and previous year question paper to take your preparation on the nest level.
  7. SSB interview preparation for both mental and physical health.

Finally today we talked openly about the CDS Preparation Strategy inside this entire article and it will prove to be very helpful for you in your preparation.


“Hey?, I know this helps you a lot. So, share it with your friend.

And if I miss something You can comment below, I cover it in this and help others aspirants ??.”

Frequently Asked Question for CDS Preparation:

How can I score in the CDS exam?

Ans. First, you know about the CDS exam pattern and syllabus. second, make your base strong with proper planning. Third, make handmade notes to revise your syllabus. Fourth, attempt the Mock test and previous year’s paper. last, improve your stamina, communication skill, leadership skill, and decision-making ability for interviews. Detailed mentioned above…

Is CDS though than NDA?

Ans. NDA exam is tough as compared to CDS as it has higher level math’s whereas in CDS you have only elementary math’s. GS part is difficult as compared to NDA CDS. SSB is easier for NDA entry as compared to CDSE entry.

Does 12th Marks matter in CDS?

Ans. No, your 12 marks don’t matter. Even your graduation marks also don’t matter in the CDS exam.

Why are CDS officers paid more than NDA?

CDS Entry Officers stay for 6 more months, hence the loss of seniority. Also, the entry officers of NDA have done their graduation for free. They don’t even give a single penny to NDA. So, while NDA entry is paid less, they get more than compensated for it.



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