Best Book For Airforce X & Y Group Exam Preparation

books for airforce x and y group
books for airforce x and y group

You know very well that it is mandatory for you to have the Airforce Y Group Books and Airforce X Group books for airman preparation.

If seen, there is a lot of book fairs inside the market.

But the biggest challenge will be for us to select the best books for Airforce Y Group and the best books for Airforce X Group books.

Because you know best books act like a good friend.

That’s why we should choose friends inside life and books inside preparation after thinking carefully.

Airforce Y Group best books/Airforce X Group best book will play a very important role in getting success in the Indian Airforce 1st stage online exam.

If we now talk about Airforce Y Group syllabus books then it includes subjects like Reasoning, General Knowledge and English.

You have to prepare very well for different topics from all these important topics to get a qualifying grade out of 50 marks in the exam.

We have compiled a collection of awesome books for Best Books For Airforce Y Group and the Best Book For Airforce X Group to upgrade your preparation.

Get detailed information about Airforce Book Y/X Group from the article:

Best Book For Airforce X & Y Group Exam Preparation:

If seen in a way, day by day the number of students inside the Airforce examination is increasing due to which the competition also becomes very difficult.

So you have to prepare very well to do something good to stand out from this crowd.

The first and foremost step towards preparing for the Indian Air Force exam is to choose the books for the Airforce x and y group.

But a very important problem comes before the students, which is that they have a problem in selecting the very best books.

And today we have given a permanent solution to your problems in this entire article.

Best Book For Airforce X & Y Group “Reasoning” and “General Knowledge Section”:

I am very happy to inform you that the books which we have selected as primary books will change your preparation 100%.

we have kept those top 4 airforce y group books as the primary books for your preparation which will help you to prepare for this exam.

In this online test exam of Airforce, questions based on reasoning and general knowledge are asked in the first section.

You all need to study all those important topics based on these two subjects very deeply because the weightage of these subjects is 50 marks.

To prepare well for both these subjects, then you have been given below here.

Books For Airforce X And Y Group Examination

Books NamePublisherRead to ClickKey Features to Read
The Indian Air Force Airman Group ‘y’ 2021-22Arihant PublicationsBuy Now
  • It is completely based on online exam patterns and syllabus
  • Theory notes, 3000+ MCQ’s, Practice set
IAF Airmen ‘Y’ Group (Non-Technical Trade) A Complete Study material & Practice Book For Upcoming Exam Agrawal Group Of PublicationsBuy Now
  • Exam specific
  • 10 practice sets preparing by experienced experts.
Best Book Of A Modern Approach To VERBAL & Non-VERBAL ReasoningRS AGGARWALBuy Now
  • Next level practice sets
  • Fully optimized for new exam pattern


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Airforce Y/X Group Books For English Preparation:

Students consider the section very difficult within the Indian air force online test.

And if we look at it from an exam point of view also, the weightage of infection is 20 marks which are quite good.

Let me also give you this warning in advance that it really won’t be easy for you.

For this, you have to clear every topic of the English subject well and have mastery in them.

Be able to answer the toughest questions asked in your Indian air force exam as quickly as possible.

In order to be able to do all this, you have to choose the best books for English and the list of those books.

We have given you the table below here:

Airforce Y Group Best Book For English

Books NamePublisherRead BookKey Features to Read
(Blasting book) Word Power Made EasyGoyal PublishersClick here
  • English skills for Airforce Entrance exam
  • Easy-to-Read
High School Wren and Martin English Grammar and Composition (Regular Edition)S. Chand & Company Pvt. LtdClick here
  • Exercise section after each and every chapter.
  • It gives a simple road map to learning sentence building, correct usage, comprehension, composition, and other English topics.
Objective General English PaperbackS.P. BakshiClick here
  • Kind of enjoyment book
  • Best for entrance exams


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Airforce Y/X Group Previous Year paper Checklist:

Once we have a good understanding of airforce y group books and airforce x group books.

Then we talk about the airforce y group previous year paper and airforce x group previous year paper.

Because somewhere, no matter how many good books we collect.

If we know the important questions asked in the examination, then we can get to know from the previous year’s papers.

And if seen, it acts as a key factor for the preparation of any exam.

Download from here:

Airforce Y Group Previous Year Paper

Download from here:

Airforce X Group Previous Year Paper



Today we have got complete information about all those important Airforce Y Group Books and Airforce X Group Books inside this entire article.

And at the same time, we have also discussed that why should we read only those books which have been suggested by us to you?

The rest is your choice.

According to us, these are the best books for the airforce x and y group through which even the toppers were able to do this in this exam.

Can you tell me by commenting now which book you read first and why?



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