Roadmap to finding a perfect course in AI and ML

Roadmap to finding a perfect course in AI and ML

We have heard big investors and people in business talk about artificial intelligence. We have read news stories about big multinational companies investing in artificial intelligence and machine learning. We already know how significant artificial intelligence and machine learning are in the modern world, and we also know the pace at which this technology sphere is expanding. Everyone seems to suggest that it is a great career option and is a goldmine for young professionals. But what no one tells you is – how to enter the artificial intelligence and machine learning area as a professional.

The short and crisp answer to this question is – by choosing a good course. Now, choosing a suitable course is difficult but crucial. Most people struggle to choose a good course, which directly affects their learning process and even their chances of a successful professional career in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

To help you select a course that’s best for you, we will curate a roadmap. The roadmap can also help kickstart your career in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

But before that, let’s take a look at what artificial intelligence and machine learning mean.

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is the capability of machines or software to perform complex tasks that require human intellect. AI has evolved vastly over the last few years. From playing chess against the world grandmaster in the late 90s to creating art to even performing sophisticated medical surgeries, artificial intelligence can do it all without any help from humans. With companies focusing on enhancing the quality of their work, we can see a paradigm shift in their employment strategies. Several businesses are using artificial intelligence for specific tasks.     

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence where machines are trained to learn like the human mind, using algorithms and past data. It does not involve any external intervention. Machine learning is a breakthrough in technological advancement brought about by the human race. Machine learning enables machines to become more adaptive to the dynamic needs of the user. Add the ability to learn new things without human intervention, and you have an attractive package. As machine learning improves with time, we foresee a future in which machines (especially software) stay updated and don’t need replacing, thus, saving time and money for the user.

How To Choose A Course On Artificial Intelligence 

What makes the selection of artificial intelligence courses a challenge for many is that this area is relatively new. There are many fake gurus in the teaching industry, and they exist only to make a quick buck off your hard-earned money. If I were to search for artificial intelligence courses, the internet would throw up so many choices that I would not know which one to pick. Gone are the days of traditional education; now, people have access to the best teachers in the world online. What do you do in this case?

Here is a roadmap for selecting a course in artificial intelligence that suits your needs.

  1. What Is Your Why?

The first thing to do is ask yourself why you want to pursue a course in artificial intelligence. If you are a working professional with some experience in software development, you will need a class that can help advance the knowledge and skillset you already have. But if you are a young graduate trying to figure out your way in this field, you need to start from the basics and thus need a different course altogether.

  1. Choose The Right Platform 

Online education differs from traditional classroom education. Look for a trustworthy platform that provides you with certified courses. They should have a good track record, great reviews, and impeccable after-sales services. Before you make a decision, check out student reviews and testimonials.

  1. Look For A Good Tutor 

Your tutor could make or break your career. You have to consider various factors before you choose a tutor. They should have students who can vouch for them, and they should have prior experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning. You want them to be able to pass on industry secrets to you and ensure that the course is a game-changer for your career.

  1. Cost 

Artificial intelligence courses can be expensive. The price of the course should not be an issue for you. But you need to be careful about spending excessive money on fake instructors. Do thorough research, find a teacher you trust, and pay the fees. Even if the course is costly, treat the fees you pay as an investment in your career.

  1. Internship & Placement 

Remember why you are doing this course in the first place. You want to enter the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. So, to gain practical experience and begin a lucrative career, you should look for a course that provides you with guaranteed placement. If that’s not an option, find a course that equips you with the tools, resources, knowledge, and skills you need to get an internship or a job in a good company.

Keep the above roadmap in mind before selecting a course on artificial intelligence. The roadmap will help you make an informed decision and choose a class that suits your needs and thus, will serve your career better.


It is the best time to enter the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning, as the automation industry is growing rapidly. To get a good start in this field, you will have to learn from a good source. Keeping in mind the factors we discussed, you can easily find some of the best courses on AI and ML from the sea of courses flooding the internet.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning make up our future, and to get ready for the future, one must start taking the necessary steps today. If you are new to artificial intelligence domain, then in your case, you can take your first step by joining a free course on Introduction to artificial intelligence today.  


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