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Notice Writing Format Class 12, Topics, Examples 

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It would be wrong to say that writing has been a strong sort of communication among human beings. But if we take a look at the other sort of communication, they seem to be more effective than just writing. In the following post below, we will be throwing light on notice writing, which is one of the best ways to communicate with the public nowadays. 

So let’s delve a little bit further!

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What Is Notice Writing?

The special kind of communication with a large audience is done through notice writing. This is the best way to talk to a large group of people at once and without any trouble. In simple words, notice writing has become a single solution to all of your communication hurdles. 

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Basically,  a notice is a kind of paper that includes some specific information to target a particular group of individuals. It may be used to announce a fun gala, an event, or any conference-type event, etc. Coming to the tone of writing, notices are written in very simple English so that every person could understand what is being told to him/her.

Format of Notice Writing:

Notice writing a proper focus, motive, and theme to inform the targeted audience. This is why you must be capable of writing a notice according to the people you are going to address through it. Whenever you try to write a notice, keep in mind the following pinpoints!

Institution Name

The name of the institution must be mentioned there on the top of a notice. It guarantees the authenticity of it and proves it has been issued by a registered firm.


The purpose of the notice must be clearly mentioned as a subject just after the institution’s name. It lets people know what they are going to get information about.


This is the most prominent section of the notice writing paper. The title is the next thing that comes in the queue. The title must be easy to read and catchy at the same time.


This part of te notice is enriched with the theme for which it was written. The body should contain all terms and conditions for which the thirst for the notice was felt.

Authoritative Person Signatory

Signatory proves the validity of the notice and makes it more authentic. This is why it must be signed by a reputed person of the institution so as to avoid any dispute.

Examples of Notices:

In the following section, we will discuss some examples of notices that will certainly assist you in writing ineffective notices for sure.

Number 1:


New Year Eve Celebration

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May 30, 2023

On May 31, 2023, our society is going to organize a fun gala in which each and every resident is invited to participate in it. Let yourself enjoy it with great enthusiasm. You are advised to wear different funny masks to make others smile and enjoy the party. Please join the festival and participate in all activities to charm yourself, your relatives, and your friends. 

Best Regards,


Number 2



MAY 30, 2023

Dear all,

You are informed that the university is going to hold its 10th convocation on June 03, 2023. As our honorable guest, Mr. President will take a tour of our university on the day of convocation and award you students with prizes.

All of you are invited t get registered at the link mentioned on the official website of the university, pay your challan in the nearby bank, and reserve your seat. You may also rent a gown to make you feel like a bachelor.

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Best Regards,

Mr. ABC 


Vice Chancellor, ABC University

Number 3:


Call For Submission

May 30, 2023

Dear Students,

The university is going to release the 5th latest version of the magazine. You are invited to submit your samples regarding anything so that they should be packed on the walls of the magazine. The deadline for submission is May 31, 2023. After that, no submission would be entertained by the administration of the university. As a valuable student of the institution, all of you are invited to take part in this journey and showcase your art to all.



Number 4


May 30, 2023

Dear Staff, Students, and Parents,

We are excited to let you know about the June 15, 2023, Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony. This significant occasion honors and appreciates the commitment, effort, and extraordinary skill of our students in a variety of academic fields.

The celebration will recognize those who have excelled in academics, sports, the arts, and leadership within our school community. We think it is critical to recognize these achievements because they serve as the cornerstone of a character.

The program will get began in our school auditorium at 10:00 am. We are honored to welcome renowned educator Mrs. ABC as our chief guest. Along with giving the rewards to the deserving children, she will share her knowledge and experiences with them.

We gladly welcome parents to join us in honoring our kids’ accomplishments. Your presence will motivate all kids to work hard for achievement as well as support the winners.

We are anticipating your help in making this event unforgettable. Mark your calendars, please.

Warm Regards,


Number 5


Magic Show Announcement

May 30, 2023

Hello students

We are thrilled to announce that our institution will host the much-anticipated Magic Show! This wonderful occasion, which is slated to take place on Saturday, June 15, 2023, is proudly announced by the Student Activities Committee.

We have hired the services of the famous magician “XYZ,” who promises to entertain us all with an evening of exhilarating illusions, captivating tricks, and magical prowess. We are confident that his performance will entertain you because of his reputation for dynamic performances that are chock-full of charming surprises.

The program will begin punctually at 6:30 PM in the main auditorium. We advise all interested parties to attend early because there are a limited number of seats. All college students are welcome to this free performance. However, bear in mind that admission requires the presentation of a valid student ID.

We anticipate that this magic show will both provide a welcome diversion from our academic routines and spark our sense of wonder. We sincerely hope you will be here with us for this magical evening.

Make a note of it in your calendars, bring your curiosity, and be ready to be astounded!

Best regards,


Number 6


Blood Camp Registration

May 30, 2023

Dear Students and Teachers,

It is hereby announced that the Blood Camp arrangements have been made in the premises of university auditorium. The purpose is to help Blood Cancer Patients so that they could breathe for more days and years. All of you students are highly encouraged to rake part in this camp and donate blood for those who are seeking it. 

The timing for the camp will be 10:00 AM, dated on June 02, 2023. Please be there on time to ensure your availability. 




What Is The Importance of a Notice?

Public notices play an important role in keeping all the people updated about the decisions. A notice helps the public to stay tuned regarding new and relevant information on a particular subject.

What Are The Different Types of Notices?

There are four major kinds of notices that everyone should know:

  • Public notice
  • Implied notice
  • Constructive notice
  • Actual notice

What Are The Major Elements of a Notice of a Meeting?

  • Name of company
  • Time and date for the meeting
  • The location where the meeting will be held
  • Notes and agenda of the meeting

What Does a Notification Serve As?

A notice’s main objective is to provide crucial information to a targeted audience about a forthcoming event or activity. It acts as an official announcement that includes all pertinent information, including the date, time, location, and any further instructions. 

In order to facilitate efficient communication and guarantee that everyone is informed, notices are frequently used in educational institutions, businesses, communities, and organizations.


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